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Laboratório de Ecologia Microbiana e Biotecnologia


a. Oliveira et al.
Microbial epibionts of the colonial ascidians Didemnum galacteum and Cystodytes sp.
b. Pires et al.
Sulfated chitosan as tear substitute with no antimicrobial activity.
c. Oliveira et al.
Kinetic study of biosurfactant production by Bacillus subtilis LAMI005 grown in clarified cashew apple juice.
d. Colares & Melo
Relating microbial community structure and environmental variables in mangrove sediments inside Rhizophora mangle L. habitats.
e. Angelim et al.
An innovative bioremediation strategy using a bacterial consortium entrapped in chitosan beads.
f. Rocha et al.
Culturable populations of Acinetobacter can promptly respond to contamination by alkanes in mangrove sediments


a. Amorim et al.
Antimicrobial Effect of a Crude Sulfated Polysaccharide from the Red Seaweed Gracilaria ornata.
b. Montenegro et al.
Cytotoxic Activity of Fungal Strains Isolated from the Ascidian Eudistoma vannamei.
c. Sousa et al.
Screening of biosurfactant-producing Bacillus strains using glycerol from the biodiesel synthesis as main carbon source.
d. Ximenes et al.
Optical properties of single wall carbon nanotubes dispersed in biopolymers.
e. Arthaud et al.
Studies on the Secondary Metabolites of a Pseudoalteromonas sp. Isolated from Sediments Collected at the Northeastern Coast of Brazil
f. Paes et al.
Diversity of a Chlorine-Resistant Bacillus Population Isolated from a Wastewater Treatment Station.


a. Rocha et al.
Cashew apple bagasse as a source of sugars for ethanol production by Kluyveromyces marxianus CE025
b. Sousa et al.
Evaluation of a co-product of biodiesel production as carbon source in the production of biosurfactant by P. aeruginosa MSIC02
c. Tavares et al.
Further characterization and mode of action of dactylomelin-P, an antibacterial protein isolated from the ink of the sea hare Aplysia dactylomela (Rang, 1828)


a. Vieira et al.
Candida tropicalis CE017: a New Brazilian Enzymatic Source for the Bioreduction of Aromatic Prochiral Ketones
b. Maia et al.
Óleos essenciais das folhas de Vernonia remotiflora E Vernonia brasiliana: composição química e atividade biológica
c. Carvalho et al.
Estudo preliminar sobre a atividade celulolítica de Neoteredo reynei (Bartsch, 1920) (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Teredinidae)
d. Sousa et al.
Screening of bacillus strains for biosurfactants production using glycerin as carbon source
e. Sousa et al.
A Kinetics Studies of the Production Rhamnolipids by Pseudomonas aeruginosa LAMI from Glycerin
f. Santos et al.
Partial characterization and antimicrobial activity of peptides from Amburana cearensis seeds against phytopathogenic fungi and yeasts
g. Barreto et al.
New approach for petroleum hydrocarbon degradation using bacterial spores entrapped in chitosan beads


a. Rocha et al.
Evaluation of Cashew Apple Juice for Surfactin Production by Bacillus subtilis LAMI008
b. Cavalheiro et al.
Atividades biológicas e enzimáticas do extrato aquoso de sementes de Caesalpinia ferrea Mart., Leguminosae
c. Ferreira et al.
Larvicidal activity of the water extract of Moringa oleifera seeds against Aedes aegypti and its toxicity upon laboratory animals
d. Araujo et al.
Chemoenzymatic preparation of a biologically active naphthoquinone from Tabebuia impetiginosa using lipases or alcohol dehydrogenases
e. Vieira et al.
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of optically active Mugetanol isomers: use of lipases and oxidoreductases in fragrance chemistry


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